Maluki Maestro is an early learning program  for children inspired by our passion for classical music and ballet.

By the time children turn five year old they can develop a strong sense of pitch more successfully than older children.  Our lessons provide an opportunity for all youngsters to improve their ability.

Kids learn by playing, therefore  we focus their creativity on music lessons to start learning the building blocks of classical music. Every child likes dancing  so we also teach them ballet steps to  improve their motor skills in a fun way.

Through classical music and   ballet  activities, Maluki Maestro opens the door to a magical world of sound and movement that will enrich every childhood.

We recommend the amazing show:

NEW CLASS starting June 19th at 11 am: “Learn Spanish at Puppetonia” 

Early childhood is the BEST TIME to start learning a second language. That’s why Puppetonia now offers a special Spanish-language playtime every Tuesday at 11 am! Kids will learn simple Spanish words and phrases while playing with our puppet friends and musical instruments. Come join the fun!

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